PTI’s Bike Patrol

Oct 19, 2021 | Blog, Newsroom

PTI’s Airport Police Bike Patrol was created in 2006 under the leadership of retired Sgt. Mike Dunnington with only a single certified Bike Patrol officer at the time of inception. The Bike Patrol, led by Officer Romain Watkins, is an integral part of the Airport Police Department, and is made up of seven officers. As an airport passenger or guest, you may see bike patrol officers in various areas of the airport campus including the main terminal, north and south concourses, and several outdoor areas including parking and the Marriott property. They also help to patrol during special events such as the 5K / 10K Run on the Runway (as seen in the photo).

Being on a bike allows officers to respond to calls swiftly and quietly which can sometimes be imperative in emergency situations. Our Bike Patrol is environmentally green, and helps keep our officers active. Many times these officers are stopped by our young passengers and their parents for a photo, or to learn more about what they do.

The next time you’re at the airport keep a look out for one of our Bike Patrol officers, and be sure to say hello!

Photo: (L to R) Sgt. Dunnington, Officer Romain Watkins

(L to R) Sgt. Dunnington & Officer Romain Watkins
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