Art Walking Tour

Jim Gallucci – Sunflower Gate III; Oak Leaf Light Columns (4); Arrow Arch

Laura Lashley – Six Blade Designs

Matthew McConnell – Lift

Bryan and Brad Caviness​ – Rome, Italy; Laon Cathedral, France; Chaco Canyon, France Series

Mary Carter Taub – G Swag

Jay Jones – Aluminum Paper Airplanes In Flight

Piedmont Craftsmen – Various Works

Katie Ree – Mud Creek #8; Marsh #15

Karen Archia – As Below, So Above; She/They/We/Us; My Mind’s Nightime Wasteland

Olivia Kellogg – True Love 1; The Green Swamp; Venus Flytrap; Haw River

Gabe Fonorow – Smoke; Mile #30

Darryl Matthews – Satchel Paige

Kenn Kotara – This Very Moment

Rachel Smith – Propelled

Gary Caldwell & Holly Felice – A Traveler’s Garden

Cara Bevan – Taking Flight – Rainbow Scarab Beetle; Perched Dragonfly; Giant Stag Beetle

Sarah Band – Bees with Purple Conefllowers

Felix Semper – Bling Bling Pup$$

Wayne Vaughn– Imoogi (Korean Dragon); On the Other Side

Hanna Jubran – Galactic Corona

Brittany Søndberg – Indirect Means; One Hundred Foot Necklace

Ethan Morrow – Grey Crowned Crane / Umusambi

Charles Pilkey – Car Monsters

Nathan Leslie – Growth

Hongsock Lee – To Reach; Complementary Geometry 1, 2, and 3

Jonathan Bowling – When Goats Fly

Mark Hedges – Mill Door Print; Mill Machine Shop Cabinet; Mill Warehouse

Chig Eillis – I Housed a Family; Business Sidewalk Abandoned; Painting Within Reach; Folk Billboard; Message Beneath I-40; Layers of Past Ads; A New Purpose

Anna H. Jarrell – (24 Portraits (from 100 faces of Winston Salem)


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