Art Walking Tour


Jim Gallucci – Sunflower Gate III, Oak Leaf Light Columns (4), Arrow Arch

Laura Lashley – Six Blade Designs

Matthew McConnell – Lift

Jonathan Vizcuña – Modern Labrador and Modern French Bulldog

Mark Dixon & Tom Dawson – Interactive Mini-Golf Hole

Mary Carter Taub – G Swag

Jay Jones – Aluminum Paper Airplanes In Flight

GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art – Various Works

Jeana Eve Klein – Happy Birthday, Game Night, Carry On, The End of Romance, Yard Sale

Kenn Kotara – This Very Moment

Gary Caldwell & Holly Felice – A Traveler’s Garden

Yanina Salerno – Various Works

Vandorn Hinnant – Raven

Hanna Jubran – Fall Winter

Charles Pilkey – Nova, Caprice

Wayne Vaughn – On the Other Side, Genesis

Hongsock Lee – To Reach, Complementary Geometry 1, 2, and 3

Jessica Singerman – Forces of Nature Pink, Forces of Nature Green, Of Stones of Earth and Air, Try Again Grow Calmer

Les Caison III – Clarity Amid the Clouds, Making Connections, Helping Hands Give You Wings, Cloud Study #1, #2 and #3

Kathryn Jones – Somewhere Up There

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