Art Walking Tour

Jim Gallucci – Sunflower Gate III; Oak Leaf Light Columns (4); Arrow Arch

Laura Lashley – Six Blade Designs

Matthew McConnell – Lift

Jonathan Vizcuna – Gorilla; Penguin Family

Mary Carter Taub – G Swag

Moses Cone Cancer Center – Healing Garden

Jay Jones – Aluminum Paper Airplanes In Flight

Piedmont Craftsmen – Various Works

Alexis Lavine – Dinner on the Boardwalk; Extended Family; Waiting for the Wives; Dressed Up; Pink Flamingo; Sunset Café; To the Grandstand; Making Connections

Kenn Kotara – This Very Moment

Trena McNabb – Joined Together Around the World

Gary Caldwell & Holly Felice – A Traveler’s Garden

Art Alliance – Various works

Kevin Vanek – Reclaimed Tension

Jonathan Bowling – Dragon

Matt Amante – Hot Rod

Jordan Parah – Fly Me to the Moon; Simultaneous Links

Wayne Vaughn– Imoogi (Korean Dragon); On the Other Side

Hanna Jubran – H2O Bonded

Charles Pilkey – A Question of Balance

Hongsock Lee – To Reach; Complementary Geometry 1, 2, and 3

Owens Daniels – Buffalo Soldier; Man on Fire; Pure Energy; Mr. NC

Mike Valle – Liberty; John Lennon; Mona Lisa; Liberty 2

Devin Newkirk – Leap; Amber and Maniya; The Resistance



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