Chalk Art Contest Results

Sep 4, 2020 | Blog, General, Newsroom

Thank you to all of the individuals who sent photos of their chalk art to us!

We would like to give special recognition to the top ten pieces that were selected by our committee to be featured on screens throughout the airport terminal:

  • Children: Abigale, Caroline, & Alaina Swartzlander, Chloe Bible, Quinn Finnegan, and Isabella Madera
  • Adults: Haley Snyder, Mollie Perez, Melinda King, and John Conrad

We are so happy with the results that we would like to share ALL of the submissions that we received with you. Below are two photo galleries – the first includes all of the pieces that were made by children, and the second includes the pieces made by adults. The winners for each category have been listed first.

Your friends at PTI thank you for your participation in this project, and we hope you enjoy going through all of the art as much as we did!

Child Art Category Submissions:
Adult Art Category Submissions:
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