Effective Immediately TSA will no longer enforce the Mask Mandate

Apr 19, 2022 | General, Newsroom

The TSA will no longer require airport employees or patrons to wear a face covering or face mask inside the airport terminal or on airport operated ground transportation.

The TSA altered its face covering rules for public transportation and at public transportation hubs in response to a federal court ruling on Monday. The change takes effect immediately.

TSA’s withdrawal of its directive does not preclude a transportation operator – such as an individual airline – from imposing its own face mask requirements. Passengers should check individual airline policy when booking tickets or checking in for a flight.

The Centers for Disease Control continues to recommend that people wear masks in indoor public transportation settings. Travelers may still choose to wear a face covering while in the airport terminal and on airport operated ground transportation.

The only change is that face coverings are no longer required at the airport. They are now optional. The Airport Authority urges patrons to respect the individual choices of their fellow travelers regarding face coverings.

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