USA Parking Check-In Area

This month, we would like to highlight USA Parking and the services that they offer for travelers at PTI.

USA Parking began service in the 90s at Piedmont Triad International Airport. The company provides prompt and precise valet service in a genuine and courteous manner.

We are focused on consistently executing prompt, swift, precise service, delivered with the utmost professionalism, caring, and courtesy. We know that every business strives to deliver exceptional customer service, not just those in the hospitality industry…. Everything we do is centered on achieving the goals of Aggressive Hospitality and Operational Excellence.

Christan Wayne

Facility Manager, USA Parking - PTI Location

As an industry leader with years of extensive experience, USA Parking applies their capabilities to a broad range of other industries with parking-related needs. They provide services to hotels, office buildings, hospitals, residences, and, of course, airports.

At PTI, valet check-in service begins at the upper level curb side service booth. For the retrieval process, there is a desk located on the lower arrival level where you can check out with a cashier and retrieve your vehicle. The daily rate for basic valet service is $15.

USA Parking Valet Lot

USA Parking is a full-service valet provider that also offers car wash services through a car wash company. No service fee beyond the cost of the wash will be charged to you. Simply let the attendant know what type of wash you would like, and your car will be washed the day of your return. Passengers also have the option of oil changes, tire rotations, inspections, gas fueling, etc. all through professional vendors with a service fee.

We hope that on one of your many trips to PTI that you will take advantage of the offered valet service – and when you do, drop off your business card with the cashier for a chance to win a free wash.

USA Parking’s valet service is one more way for passengers to fly easy from PTI.

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