The Piedmont Triad Airport Authority is encouraging passengers to come to the airport prepared as the number of travelers has begun to increase. The uptick in travelers at the airport is steady, airport officials say, though the overall numbers are still low.

“We have seen a recent increase in the number of passengers at the airport,” said Kevin Baker, the airport’s executive director. “As the passenger numbers begin to increase, we want those traveling by air to understand preparations that have been made at the airport, as well as what is asked of them while the COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat to public health.”

The airport has adopted guidelines for passengers that encourage passengers to wear face coverings in the terminal building.  Passengers should bring face coverings with them to the airport.  Passengers are also asked to practice social distancing in all areas of the airport and have non-passengers wait in their cars rather than entering the terminal building when they drop off or pick up passengers. The guidelines are part of an effort called PTI PREPARED.

“We are asking staff to be particularly mindful of passenger and airport employee well- being during this difficult time,” said Airport Authority Chairman Paul Mengert. “We want passengers and employees to understand what they can do to discourage the spread of COVID-19. This is an example of how PTI PREPARED is making PTI better for passengers, visitors and employees.”

The airport is temporarily providing free parking at the meter spaces near the terminal entrances to allow those dropping off or picking up passengers to stay in their cars for up to 60 minutes without cost.

Passengers should also arrive early to help prevent crowding at security and gate areas. They should plan to use mobile boarding passes to limit touch points. The airport is providing hand sanitizer at stations throughout the terminal, but passengers may also want to bring a personal size container of hand sanitizer with them.

To get the word out, PTI will be promoting the PTI PREPARED guidelines through print and radio advertising, social media and on the airport website. Passengers can find the guidelines at


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