Gloria Ferrell has worked for the Airport Authority for nearly 27 years – and that doesn’t even include the five years she worked on the airport campus as airport security contractor.

“I’ve seen many good days here,” said Gloria. “I’ve seen people come and go over time, and it’s been such a pleasure to work with such good people.”

During her time at PTI, Gloria has worked in nearly every functional area including security, ITS, sky cap, scanning (prior to TSA coming to PTI), food services, and badging & fingerprinting. “It seems like I’ve done everything except executive and rental cars,” Gloria says as she laughs. “I know every inch of this building”, and many know that to be true of Gloria.

Known as “G” to her public safety colleagues (thanks to Police Chief Joe Dixon), Gloria is in her final week as a full-time employee of the Airport Authority. She is excited to retire and do things she hasn’t had time to do while working fulltime.

When asked about her favorite things of the airport, Gloria shared that she absolutely loves the electric car (and is happy we were able to get one as it was a special request from her to Chief Dixon), and loves all of the wonderful art internal and external of the terminal building.

Over the years, Gloria has collected autographs and pictures of all the celebrities and stars she has met while traveling through PTI. As she departs, she wants to be remembered for being someone who always did her job. We are excited for “G” to enjoy retirement!

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