Janine Gauthier has been an Airport Ambassador at PTI for four years. During her time here, she has enjoyed helping passengers calm their airport or travel anxiety, along with answering questions and solving passenger problems along the way.

Prior to coming to PTI, Janine worked at Wake Forest Baptist Health as a patient advocate in the severe trauma unit. She’s always had a heart to care for animals and humans which is visible in her years of various experience as:

  • a dog trainer specializing in hard to train dogs
  • an American Red Cross (ARC) instructor in dog & cat first aid and wildlife first aid
  • a therapy dog handler for Hospice of Monroe County
  • registered nurse, and
  • library trustee.

Outside of helping others, Janine also has a creative side; she enjoys creating unique jewelry and floral designs. When she’s not at the airport, Janine spends a lot of time in the great outdoors. She is a master gardener in NC and VA, but also loves to read and hike. To date, Janine’s longest hike is 20 miles (but maybe one day she’ll break her record and go for a little more)!

In closing, Janine share’s this quote from C.J. Frick that she whole-heartedly believes we should all try to embrace, “be the person your dog thinks you are.”

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